Think green! Responsibility for our environment

Think green – Responsibility for our environment

At Robke, we have long been aware of our responsibility for the environment. That is why we continuously review all operational processes and optimize them wherever possible.

  • Geothermal energy already accounts for 30 % of our order volume today
  • 500 m2 of solar panels generate around 75,000 kWh/year of solar power, which means we produce more electricity than we need for our operations
  • We are in the process of converting our vehicle fleet to electric mobility as required
  • A free e-charging station on the company premises is being planned
  • As a job bike provider, we enable our employees to use e-bikes as an environmentally friendly and health-promoting form of mobility at low cost
  • we have established a home office culture and thus promote energy-efficient, demand-oriented and social working
  • We are reducing our carbon footprint with various measures such as our commitment to conserving resources, energy-conscious material purchasing, reducing disposable packaging and purchasing regional products and services
  • We rely on environmentally friendly and sustainable products and technologies