On-site service for the oil, gas and geothermal industry

Full service on site

We have fully equipped service trucks with which we can both set up new equipment reliably and in accordance with the latest standards, as well as maintain and repair existing equipment on site. Our professionals have a wealth of expertise and are therefore able to solve a wide range of problems.

On-site valve repair & maintenance

Our experienced service technicians carry out repairs and maintenance on gate valves, ball valves, non-return valves, safety valves, control pilots, etc. directly on your premises.

Plug setting even under pressure

To carry out maintenance work on the Christmas tree safely or to secure a wellhead, a BPV or TWCV must be set. Thanks to one of our three plug valves (Lubricator), we are also able to do this on pressurized systems.

  • Pressure stages API 3,000 psi, 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi
  • Transition flanges in various sizes for setting and pulling a BPV or TWCV
  • BPV/TWCV threaded scraper
  • BPV/TWCV threaded brushes

Casing Jack 68 t, 180 t, 230 t, 500 t

The casing jack is used to lift or lower heavy pipe strings within a borehole. Lifting may be necessary, for example, if pipes are stuck. The pipe string is loaded by means of a lifting process up to a previously determined maximum tensile stress. Once the line is free, the pipes can be further removed under controlled load using a crane/winch. If the load is too high for the crane and winch, the casing jack can of course also be used for removal.

  • Tensile forces: 68 t, 180 t, 230 t und 500 t
  • Top and bottom interception wedges in various sizes
  • Tonnage display directly on site on the explosion-proof remote control
  • Dimensions and further information on request

Pressure tests

We carry out pressure tests for you on site:

  • High-pressure pump for liquids up to 1,245 bar
  • Digital and analog pressure recorder, measuring range 0 to 700 bar
  • Long-term pressure tests
  • Nitrogen test equipment up to 300 bar
  • Air/low pressure for testing actuators
  • Test stand for adjusting safety valves and pilots

Completion work from A to Z

Whether oil, gas, geothermal or other installations – regardless of the manufacturer: to ensure that you can complete your projects quickly and successfully, our highly trained specialists take care of the entire wellhead completion process, from cutting the anchor pipe to the cold installation of the bottom flange to the final pressure test of the Christmas tree.

Power screw connections with Hytorc

Our staff, trained in accordance with DIN EN 1591-4:2013, carry out hydraulic torque bolting up to 12,000 Nm on site. For many years, we have relied on equipment from Hytorc, which is available to us in a large selection.

Netzsch PCP pumps and ESPCP

As a service partner of well-known manufacturers such as Netzsch and Halliburton, our employees are specially qualified to install PCP and ESPCP pumps.

Wellhead repair & maintenance

With our service trucks equipped to the latest standards, wellhead repair and maintenance on site is no problem.

  • High-pressure pumps for liquids up to 1,245 bar
  • Nitrogen test system up to 300 bar
  • Pressure recorder, measuring range 0 to 700 bar
  • Hydraulic press for activating P-Seals
  • Plasma torch for cutting casings and bolts
  • Pneumatic saw for cold cutting casings and bolts
  • Magnetic drilling machine for drilling out bolts and tie-down screws as well as drilling additional ports
  • Mechanical/hydraulic flange spreaders 8 to 24 t


Time is money. That’s why we are able to get all components up and running again before the workover! We offer the following services to ensure that everything runs smoothly:

  • Replacing old bolts using the hot-bolting process to reduce disassembly time
  • Functional testing of fittings and restoration of function for safe access

IWCF Supervisor

We provide you with a Wellsite Well Intervention Supervisor with IWCF Level 4 certification as a service. Our technical supervision portfolio includes wireline and slickline as well as coiled tubing and completion.

  • Gestellung einer Unternehmeraufsichtsperson mit IWCF-L4 Well Intervention
  • Mirror level measurements
  • Provision of underground pressure gauges
  • Creation of work programs
  • Engineering services in the Well Service division
  • Planning and implementation of projects in the field of well intervention
  • Maintenance/maintenance planning for systems requiring monitoring (recurring inspections)

Certified quality

We sell systems and spare parts from well-known manufacturers – new and used. Our extensive range only includes materials that are manufactured in accordance with specifications and certification. Just let us know what you are looking for. Our experts will be happy to help you!

If you have a problem, Robke is the right address for you. Simply tell us what you’re looking for. Our experts will be happy to help you!